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 La Saga de Khalac Swordsson

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Noah Fon Ronsenburg

Mensajes : 203
Fecha de inscripción : 12/11/2011
Edad : 22
Localización : Estalia.

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MensajeTema: La Saga de Khalac Swordsson   Jue Nov 24, 2011 3:20 am


...and in that time of blood and madness, a warrior rode north
A hero born strong in the arm, more cunning than the wolf
Named Khalac Swordsson, blade his claw and jagged axe his bite
He felt the touch of eldritch gods one fell midwinter's night

But only deeds of blood and madness draw the Dark Ones' gaze
His men sought glory in the mountains, lost for many days
And Khalac Swordsson hunts his prey, a-hunted in his turn
By scaled beast whose gullet harbours flames that ever burn

Cold claw sliced and hellfire crackled, vicious beast did leap
Khalac Swordsson swung his blade and cut the monster deep
And wolves did gather all around as Khalac burned alive
But Khalac cut the dire-hounds down as wheat before the scythe

The monster, now in sinew shackled, dragged back to the cave
Khalac offered drake-thing's heart in ceremony grave
A Lord of Change paid heed his prayer and Khalac's wounds did tame
Ever after Khalac burned with bright unholy flame

And from that day did men approach him, putting forth their swords
Khalac led his newfound army 'gainst the greenskin'd hordes
Black blood stained the virgin snow as Khalac's star burned bright
The Skull-God gifted brazen armour 'fore the morning light

But Khalac, lest the Gods reproach him, suffered not his pride
Humble still though mighty foes lay bleeding in his stride
His warriors grew twice in number every passing moon
A steel-clad horde that marched to war in search of Plaguelord's boon

And so it was that Khalac Swordsson came upon Hell Pit
Where vermin-men and twisted mutant through the shadows flit
Khalac brought the kiss of plague unto the Ratkin Lord
And put to death his nightmare legions 'pon a rusted sword

Now numberless his loyal bondsmen, Khalac turned due south
The Lord of Pleasure whispered him with silver-needled mouth
'A palace for a prince,' said he, 'and southmen build them fine
Glut thyself on sweetmeats, flesh and blood-inflected wine'

So Khalac Swordsson smote the weakling 'Emperor' of Man
He took up throne and sceptre gold and soon the feast began
Ten thousand swordsmen roared his name as Khalac stood on high
His seers claimed immortal fate awaiting him was nigh

Lord Khalac, once so young and meekling, lit the night with power
His veins did sing with eldritch humours 'til the darkling hour
When Khalac's frame could hold no more; a mound of living bone
Was all the fickle gods left seated 'pon the southmen's throne

- Libro 1: Resplandor del Cambio.

- Libro 2: Grimorio de Sangre.

- Libro 3: Portadores de Plagas.

- Libro 4: Un trono, un príncipe.


Mi nombre es Khalac Swordsson, vengo a por tu poder, para entregárselo a Tzeentch; a por tu cabeza, para el trono de Khorne; a por tus tripas, para la plaga de Nurgle; y para el tormento de tu alma, por la gloria de Slaanesh.

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La Saga de Khalac Swordsson
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